aktualisiert November 2018

Masterarbeiten in Health Sciences Universität Luzern

Muriel Odermat (to be submitted 2019) The role of nurse practitioners in primary health care

Aya el Hajj (to be submitted in 2019) GeriaDent - Oral Health of people in the Canton of Uri

Dima Touhami (to be submitted 2019) Use of ultrasound in Swiss primary care

Lidija Vujcic (2018) Effekts of communication with general practitioners on informal caregivers of persons with spinal cord injury

Katrina Villanueva-Roth (2018) Impact of physician retirement on health care utilization in central Switzerland

Sadia Ahmed (2018) Potential cost savings with early ultrasound screening for developmental hip dysplasia in Switzerland

Robyn Cody (2017) Interprofessional skill mix in rural primary care.

Ingrid Tanner (2017) Spatial variation in primary health care provision and utilization in Central Switzerland.

Sileni Gasser (2016) How to involve general practitioners in research?


MD thesis, Jeanine Beague-Bregy (2015) Die Bindungsentwicklung während und kurz nach der Schwangerschaft. Universität Bern